Friday, May 13, 2011

Scorpions - Taken By Force (1978)

Scorpions are a heavy metal/hard rock band from Hannover, Germany.
Taken By Force is the fifth studio album released in 1978. This was the final Scorpions album to feature guitarist Ulrich Jon Roth. Roth left the band in 1978 following the end of the album's tour, and was eventually replaced by Matthias Jabs.

Bass: Francis Buchholz
Drums, Percussion: Herman Rarebell
Lead Guitar: Ulrich Roth
Rhythm Guitar: Rudolf Schenker
Vocals: Klaus Meine

Producer: Dieter Dierks
Recorded at Dierks-Studios (Germany).


1 Steamrock Fever (Meine, Schenker) - 3:35
2 We'll Burn The Sky (Dannemann, Schenker) - 6:27
3 I've Got To Be Free (Roth) - 4:00
4 The Riot Of Your Time (Meine, Schenker) - 4:10
5 The Sails Of Charon (Roth) - 4:24
6 Your Light (Roth) - 4:30
7 He's A Woman - She's A Man (Rarebell, Meine, Schenker) - 3:14
8 Born To Touch Your Feelings (Meine, Schenker) - 7:20

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