Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sylvia - Sylvia (1976)

Sylvia Robinson is a singer, musician, producer and record label executive. She is the founder of the Hip Hop label Sugar Hill Records. She is responsible of the release of two classics: "The Message" by GrandMaster Flash & Furious Five and "Rapper's Delight" by Sugarhill Gang.

As a solo performer, she released 3 albums for Vibrations Records in the 70s:  "Pillow Talk"(1973),  "Sylvia" (1976) and  "Lay it on Me" (1977).


1. L.A Sunshine (M. Burton, P. Terry) - 3:40
2. You Sure Love To Ball (M.Gaye) - 5:49
3. He Don't Ever Lose His Groove (W. Hale) - 5:05
4. Next Time That I See You (A.Goodman, H. Ray, S. Robinson, W. Morris) - 4:53
5. Sweet Stuff (A.Goodman, H. Ray, S. Robinson) - 4:24
6. Taxi (J. Alvarez, M. Burton, S. Robinson) - 4:07
7. Mr. Bartender (B. Randle, M. Burton, S. Robinson) - 4:02
8. Standing At The End (M. Burton, P. Terry) - 3:45

Drums: Billy Blum, Clarence Oliver, Nick Remo
Bass: Frank "Sweetstuff" Prescod, Jesus Alvarez, Jonathan Williams
Upright Bass: Al Lukas
Guitar: John Tropea, Billy Jones, Walter Morris
Keyboards: Kenny Guarino, Brian Cuomo, Bernadette Randle, Harry Ray, Larry Fast
Saxophone: Seldon Powell
Congas: Rubens Bassini
Strings: Irving Spice
Backing Vocals: The Ellington Sisters

Artwork: Pierre Laroche.
Producer: Sylvia Robinson, Michael Burton

Recorded at :
House of Music, West Orange, New Jersey.
All Platinum Studios, Englewood, New Jersey.

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